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About Us

Welcome To NouVeau Skin Studio!

Our number one priority is you, our distinguished guest. Our Mission is to maintain a perfectly balanced blend between advanced industry education and service expertise, so that we may offer you the latest pioneering, modern skin therapies and top quality products to promote wellness, inner peace and outer beauty.


Take the time, allow yourself to relax and unwind in the hands of an intuitive body healers. Caregivers by nature, we are highly trained licensed estheticians and certified make up artists and keenly astute in our areas of expertise. Indulge yourself and lavish loved ones in the pampering luxurious of wonderful skin therapies and sensory pleasantries.

We use the following product lines in our services:

GM Collins Paris


PCA Skin 


Lira Clinical


Le Mieux Cosmetics


PFB Vanish

Gift Certificates and Package Services are available for any occasion. We look forward to pampering you. Call now to reserve your appointment. 

Sandy Pollard
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